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About Us


ExpressLends.com is your partner for investment property loans with minimal documentation and quick closing, helping you realize your real estate dreams, without experience necessary.

Who We Are? What We Do?

We are a network of direct lenders and loan officers specializing in No Income Verification loan programs for investors on both non-owner occupied residential 1-4 units and commercial real estate property. Together, we offer lending alternatives to regular bank loans and offer programs without debt-to-income ratio requirements and heavy documentation. We work with hard money lenders, private money lenders, family offices, and hedge funds to offer common sense underwriting guidelines and programs for investors at every experience level.

We do offer our borrowers full income documentation loan programs for commercial property loans and larger projects on a case-by-case basis, as well.

Our programs offered through our lending partners are collateral and credit based, therefore do not require tax returns for most of our programs offered. We are in the Non-QM (non-qualified mortgage) space, which is dedicated to borrowers with unique income circumstances. Our borrowers can have regular W2/salaried employment, be self-employed, be retired or have no income of their own, since their personal documented income is not used to qualify for the loan being obtained by us for their investment property needs. The rental income in the case of buy and hold loans, and the future repair value (after repair value or ARV) of fix and flip properties, and the credit history are used as the determining factors of the underwriting process.

A Community of Real Estate Investors & Lenders

We enjoy long-term relationships with real estate investors and lenders who trust us for our reliability in securing funding for their investment-worthy ventures. It is our much-valued relationships that help us score investment funding in as fast as 14 days. Our representatives will help you with the process and closing, all you have to do to finally pursue your real estate venture is apply with us!